Plagiarism is “to steal and pass off ideas or words of another as one’s own”. Plagiarism can also be defined as the act of deliberately trying to deceive your academic tutor by submitting content which is not your own work.

Hiring companies design their Tests and interviews using the Talscale to identify and hire genuine talents in the coding domain. Talscale tests and Codesync interviews are designed to assess candidates'  expertise in programming and problem-solving skills. The questions are designed in a range of difficulty and variety of technical skill-set which enables recruiters to clearly screen candidates based on the specific skills they require for the particular role.

Talscale uses  MOSS and internal tools to check for the overlapping of the code, duplicated questions, replicated code from original source and test answers that may have been leaked or shared. If any possible match is found, then it will automatically be flagged, reviewed by an expert team.