Talscale enables companies to hire the best talent for the coding domain. Companies conduct various tests and interviews in which candidates are expected to give their own answers so as to assess their specified job roles. In Talscale assessments, answers copied from books, websites or any sources of the internet have been detected by the plagiarism check. 


Candidates seeking any help from other individuals or replicating other's answers during the assessments is considered malpractice. To avoid this, Talscale helps the recruiters to monitor the candidates during the tests. We recommend recruiters to enable the proctoring mode before the test.


In the Proctored Test, Candidates should enable their webcam. The webcam captures and records periodic snapshots of candidate activities till the Test ends and enforcing the candidates to take the test in full-screen mode. Proctored tests also record the session of test code taken by the candidates so as to enabling the recruiters to keep track of the candidate's way of approaching the questions.