1. After logging into TalScale, select a particular test for which you want to customize the invite page.

2. Navigate to 'Settings' and go to 'Invite Page'.

Note: The customization of the invite page is divided into three sections i.e. Company Logo, Instruction Details and Candidate Details.

3. To add the logo of your company, Go to the 'Company Logo' section and add your company's logo by clicking the 'Upload' symbol.

Note: You can edit, arrange and delete the existing instructions included in the test and also add the instruction to the test.

4. To add the instructions to the invite page, Go the 'Instruction Details' section and type the instruction which you want to add and then click on the 'Add' button.

Note: You can add/delete the various fields for candidates on the invite page.

5. To add the field for a candidate in the invite page, Go to the 'Candidate Details' section and add the field which you want to add and then click on the 'Add Field' button.

Note: you can see how the invite page will look when a candidate will come to the invite page section before starting the test.

6. Click on the 'Preview' button given on the top right corner on the invite page.

Happy Interviewing!