About iCIMS:

iCIMS is one of the world’s fastest growing talent acquisition platforms which enables better management of the recruitment process. Using its PaaS framework called UNiFi it automates every step in hiring - from recruiting to hiring and onboarding. It has a cloud-based system, and an easy-to use interface, making it perfect for recruiters. 

Talscale has a robust candidate evaluation system in place. iCIMS's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) automates the logistics - candidate invitation, test detail generation, proctoring, and report access. The integration of the two creates a comprehensive, holistic experience for the recruiters as well as the candidates, leaving more scope for better interaction. 

What Talscale iCIMS does:

Multiple candidates can be invited at once through iCIMS: 

Once the Talscale test is generated, one or multiple applicants in the iCIMS-integrated database can be invited directly, instead of sending the invites manually.

The API generates the client key and the secret key.




Candidates will get an email invitation for the relevant test.


Test details and proctoring can be created/updated

The iCIMS integration also assists recruiters in creating and updating test details. Online proctoring and windows violation recording can be done without implementing extra systems or manual invigilation.

Candidate reports and details can be fetched through iCIMS

The iCIMS API generates reports within 15 minutes from when the test ends. The reports generated are thoroughly detailed, and helps recruiters evaluate candidates in depth.


  • The integration of Talscale and iCIMS creates a powerful recruitment system, which automates every step of the recruitment process, right from inviting candidates, to monitoring and evaluating, to report generation. 

  • WIth he integration of the two powerful platforms - Talscale for evaluation and iCIMS for logistics, the recruitment process gets a lot less tedious with least requirement for human involvement. 

  • Easier evaluation and detailed report generation leads to better decision-making in the hiring process.

  • Candidates also get a better experience in the recruitment process, with least scope for human errors. The interviewer also gets to better interact with the candidate, not having to worry about logistics.